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Trouble for Madhur Bhandarkar

Posted in Court, Law and Order by Manish on September 20, 2011

Long back an actress Preeti Jain accused that Madhur had raped her 16 times between 1999 to 2004. There was a lot of hype and drama which died away soon. Yesterday the local court passed an order which paves the way clear for the trial.

The bigger question is – Does the concept of rape apply here? Unless she is a minor, does a consenting sex become a rape? Does promising someone into sex and then breaking your promise constitute rape?  As per Preeti’s own words “Madhur promised to cast her in movies in exchange of sexual favours”. I am not a lawyer, but does not fulfilling a promise against a sexual favour become a rape especially when she obliged to Madur’s demands?

Let’s wait for court’s decision. I am not painting Madhur in bad light he is innocent unless proven guilty. Maybe it’s high time that ladies and girls start reporting such sexual favour demands to police. The case won’t be very serious, but atleast it might act as a deterrent.


Rakhi Sawant: Bharatiya Nari

Posted in Entertainment by Manish on October 6, 2009

Go ahead and read this article on Rakhi Sawant on ToI
Look at her quotes and the expected response to them.

If Elesh touches me, I’ll respond

She doesn’t say she will oppose

So far, I knew how to dance, act, but had no clue what it takes to clean a child’s bum.

No women undertakes a crash-course on this. Everyone has to deal with it.

The only areas he could prove his worth were dishwashing and romance.

I think if he knows the latter, 90% of the requirements are fulfilled.

I’m so attached to the child that I’ve even refrained from giving interviews to the media when my kid was crying.

Obviously! Why is this explicit?

I had warned him at the very beginning that I’m an Indian girl and closeness before marriage is not acceptable in our culture.

Walking on this same path, skin-show is also not acceptable in our culture. Then why this double standard?

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Left is left out

Posted in Politics by Manish on May 16, 2009

The people’s mandate is public!

It wasn’t something special to see NDA lose. This was already feared amongst even the hard-core NDA suporters perhaps. The fact which  breaks the ice was that Left is no longer relevant as it used to be. They have been reduced to less than 30 seats.

Trinamool got more seats than whole of Left combined if you consider CPI and CPI(M). Congress gained especially at the price of left and Chidambaram lost his seat, a recount has been ordered.

Now its time for Manmohan Singh to adore the throne and lead the country.

Preachings from Mulayam Singh Yadav

Posted in Corruption, Politics, Review, WTF by Manish on May 8, 2009

Our politicians are actually more learned and educated than us. No buddy! No need to argue. It won’t help. Now since Mulayam Singh took a class of an election office in his own Saifi village, we can safely conclude that we are not at all qualified enough for such arguments.

It so happened that Mulayam Singh entered the poll booth with stretched chest for a noble intention of exercising his franchise. Since he is our much beloved (pun intended) politician, so central government has provided Z+ security so that our country is not deprived of such exceptional politicians, who can rule and give lessons on the move to whom-so-ever  they lay his hands upon.

The savior felt that he might have some security problems inside the pool-booth, so his security officers accompanied him inside only to be stopped by an election officer on duty. The official named Malay Amitash applied brakes on the ambitious plan on our savior to enter the decision room with fully fledged cover. According to rule a person can take only one security office no matter he is the almighty. This objection was a death blow to the popularity and acceptance of our famous leader.

Now what next? The offical got a warning:

Hume kanoon mat sikhao; hum chief minister rah chuke hain is pradesh ke (Don’t teach me the law. I have been chief minister of this state),”

The offical must have got his pants wet. Contrary to our expectations he proudly said that he is from Karnataka Cadre and here on election duty when being asked by SP supremo.

Now being hurt to the core, Mulayam Singh started hunting for more loopholes to project the polling official at fault. Here goes his WTFs.

  • Why are the ITBP (Indo-Tibetan Border Police) officials standing so close to the EVM machine?
  • Why are the ITBP officials standing so close to voters, particularly women?

No complaints SP supremo, you are our saviour. Yes! fire that official, not only he has been bad to you and also to the EVM and voters especially women.

Points to ponder upon!

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Political Linked List

Posted in Politics, Review by Manish on May 8, 2009

Bored of searching news all over the net? So let me present it to you in more appropriate form, with a touch of sarcasm and spice.

  • Lalu is angry at media. Yes, the media who gives him immense publicity. Maybe this anger is also a fodder for the media. Politicians can do everything to be in limelight. I haven’t seen Lalu in news much of late. Probably he was eclipsed by Advani-Manmohan Singh’s war of words.
  • Delhites were more eager to vote for a (better) government and they recorded 50% turnout as compared to Mumbai which was close to 41%.  In another incident our very own beloved Chief Election commisioner found his name missing from the list. His name actually appeared in some other booth. If this is the case of CEC, imagine the plight of the aam aadmi (common man)
  • You must have gone really bored hearing less voting turnout and all related news. You can’t even imagine 55% these days. 60% is considered excellent. If I say Dakshin Kannada constituency of Karnataka managed to achieve a whooping 74.44% turnout in third phase? Brings smiles to your face? This is probably due to the fact that this district is highly advanced when it comes to education and literacy. Just dreaming to hear this turnout from rest of the country.

Yeddyurappa honoured!

Posted in Politics by Manish on May 8, 2009

It’s Yeddyurappa now in news for getting entry in the infamous League of leaders who have the flying machine called footwear hurled at them. The initiative was taken by an Journalist who tested it on George Bush. Inspired by the extreme fame, the followers and supporters of this cult grew leap and bounds. The incident provided Bush a new face in the world and the leaders all over the world started cursing their bad luck for being excluded from this elite club.

Not long when Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao was the second leader who received this honour, which gave more popularity and instant fame.

In India it was Chidambaram, then Navin Jindal, then Advani and now it Yeddyurappa who got the entry into this group. The queue is quite long, so we need expert journalists who have experienced this art. Probably we should invest money to make slippers more aerodynamic, so that it hits the target atleast ONCE!

A recipie to remove terrorism in 15 mins flat!

Posted in Terrorism, WTF by Manish on May 7, 2009

Before saying WTF, let me point it out why it is really true. This comment is given by no other than our own Yuvraj. He says:

I am confident that this country can take on terrorism. Defeating it is no problem. If we empower those people in villages, we can sit back, relax and we will destroy terrorism in 15 minutes

Tomorrow you may hear that it was a joke. Seriously, you crack a joke to only those who can understand it, or else you would yourself become a joke.

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Troubled Subcontinent

Posted in Review by Manish on May 4, 2009

It can’t be worse than this,

  • LTTE problem in Sri Lanka
  • Talibanis are making their way towards Islamabad after conquering Swat
  • Nepal’s Prime Minister offers his resignation
  • Bangladesh is as usual infested with extremists, who have nothing to do except anti-Indian activities.

Still, India is going strong and inspite of all the internal and external problems, still holding the democracy. If it was any other country, there would have been an army coup.

The Great Indian Corruption

Posted in Corruption, Politics by Manish on May 4, 2009

S. Gurumurthy writes an article on ExpressBuzz – Shy Rao, shameless Singh

The Quattrocchi case is an embarrassment for the Government of India… The court says we do not have a strong case”. It is not Antonia Maino (aka Sonia) Gandhi defending her Italian friend. It is Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as if she had appointed him as the advocate to plead for Q. “It’s not a good reflection on the Indian legal system,” says the PM moved by compassion for Q, “that we harass people while the world says we have no case.” Singh, who was with the South Commission on a comfortable salary and perks when the Bofors scam rocked the country, seems totally unaware of the facts of the Bofors scam.

What else can we expect from this Government? Even if you want to promote corruption, please do it in hiding. Doing so much openly just spoils the spirits of the inspired people in our country.

All your network are belongs to us

Posted in Education, Technology by Manish on May 3, 2009

Note: This post contains information, educative material and NO rant

The Hindu carried out an article pushing the ever debated topic – Open Wi-Fi access points. The problem narrows down the the fact that these router are not set to use the security features by default. Most of the routers used these days have support for security, but people are ignorant how to use them.

We cant blame any individual for this. Wi-Fi routers are becoming common and going mainstream. Who wants to carry the wire wherever they go in their building or home? How many of them are tech-savvy? How many of them even give a thought that open networks are a danger not only to the country, but also to themselves. I am responsible for any misuse of the Internet connection which I have in my name.

The routers have many security features in them. To name a few MAC Address white-listing, SSID broadcast disabling and Encryption using WPA and WPA2. Let’s check each one of them

  • MAC Addresses are physical address which should be unique to each hardware. The router can be set to accept connections only from these white-listed addresses. I know my definition of MAC address is not completely correct, but still it can give you a faint idea.
  • SSID is Service Set Identifier which gives a name to the wifi network. Broadcasting is a bit risky, but still accepted.
  • Encryptions like WEP, WPA and WPA2 are used usually. WEP should not be used as it easy to crack. WPA and WPA2 are becoming quite common and WPA2 should be used as much as possible. The only problem with WPA2 is that not all wifi cards in laptops are supported.

The problem zeroes down to the fact that who is responsible for educating the non-techy users how to securely use the routers? Don’t you feel that the ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) have greater responsibilties in this reguard?

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