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Confused politics

Posted in Politics by Manish on April 27, 2009

In the present political scenario, a new comer to politics would be highly confused. Why not? After all this is India!

Take 1

Sonia Gandhi takes on left in West Bengal. Now if the left has little shame left they should not join hands with Congress. Remember 2004 elections? After so many conspiracy theories, the news was flashed one day that Left would be supporting UPA from outside. They sometimes showed themselves as friends, sometimes as enemies. Well, Sonia Gandhi is not alone in WB, it’s Didi who is accompaning her.

Take 2

Our Yuvraj accused Mayawati of eating away all the central funds. I ask what is new in all this? When Congress was in power, when SP is in power, when BSP is in power or BJP whatever, the funds have always been pocketed. Looks as if corruption can never become a poll issue in Uttar Pradesh. If you share and eat, everyone likes to be bribed. Probbaly a remedy to this solution is to educate the people so that they can vote sensibly.

Maybe our Yuvraj should do homework before speaking out. Neither of the SP, Congress or BJP government has done any good for the state. SP thinks that UP consists only of Saifi village, Congress has nothing to do except whining, BJP has no other work than Ayodhya and BSP is too busy building life-size statues of Amdedkar,Kanshiram and Mayawati.


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