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Moral Policing at its best

Posted in Education, WTF by Manish on April 28, 2009

So you thought that Medieval period is over? If it’s true, then PESIT Bangalore it taking utmost care to make sure that you can still feel the experiences of the period which is nearly dead.

Bangalore Mirror reports that PES Institute of Technology has come up with an innovative idea to tame the errant engineering students and make them feel the responsibilities to the society. Well, they believe this can be achieved by force. It is now issuing infraction slips to students who fail to meet the guidelines of being a so-called perfect citizen. Well, what’s next? Take permission to goto loo even if you are in your room?

Now why only kick the arses of Shri Ram Sena? Even the educated lot at PESIT are no better. They think that making students wear dress of their thinking can make them good citizens.

The irony of the whole issue is that PESIT is threatening to put a black mark on their mark sheets or certificates. All these infraction slip idea is taken from hockey except for the fact that once you are caught, you are gone. Typical shoot shoot bang bang philosophy. You hardly have any chance to appeal even though its outlined that you can do. Everybody knows how stinking Engineering colleges are in our country. Let’s have a look at a few rules and rip them apart. Most of them are too obvious and some of them are surely a case of criminal issue. Maybe this is an excuse to exercise the “Superiority” feel over the students.

Irregular attendance in class, labs, workshops.

This is an offence? I agree we should attend classes, but remember students pay for classes. If they don’t want to attend, just leave them alone. They’ll suffer. Being an engineering student, I can confirm that attending classes is only a waste of time.

Misuse of mobile phones, laptops and other gadgets.

What does misuse mean? If he/she misuses the mobile phone for illegal activities, then it is the work of the police. Am dead sure that misuse in this context means talking to the opposite sex or a time beyond which mobiles cant be used.

Argumentative, defiance of responsibility

Can someone explain me what it means? Isn’t it quite abstract. The demons (read authorities) would surely interpret it in such a way that the student can be fined or held out the slip. What defiance of responsibilities? Isn’t that covered in other rules?

Collarless T-shirts / Cargo pants/ flimsy dress/ styly beard / fancy moustache / punk appearance / sleeveless tops / low-waist pants / any other indecent dress / non-wearing of ID card.

Cargo pants is vulgur? styly beard is something really bad? Sleeveless tops is equal to being scantily dressed?

Any kind of immoral activity.

This point is added to make the rule list expandable. If you find yourself being held out an infraction slip and not able to understand the reason for so, this is the one you were probably looking for. This is another name for miscellaneous

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  1. Moral Policing at its best said, on April 28, 2009 at 12:50 PM

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