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The price of peace

Posted in Extremisim by Manish on April 28, 2009

As usual we expect peace to be accompanied by better-living, an open and tolerant society and much more than what I can write here. Looking at this, here is a striking difference than what you can ever expect. The Talibanis have gained prominent influence in the Swat area, fought with the government and now there is a peace deal to bring more misery to the lives of the natives.

Let’s have a quick glance of the people of Swat gained

  • All the women vanished. They were not in the streets or in the offices, not even in the bazaar, which sells nothing but fabric, bags, shoes and fashion accessories.
  • The music market vanished, too – All 400 shops.
  • A barber had hung the obligatory “No un-Islamic haircuts, no shaves” sign.

Extremists are coming close to India and our neighbour is failing to contain them in their den. The army bowed in front of those pack of murderers. Next what? There would be a flavour of Sharia law implemented in Swat. This probably isn’t a normal one, but a version which suits the barbarians.

Why not? If those people can flog a teenage girl in broad-daylight, then what more is in store for the people of Swat? Even if they deny a hundred times that the video was fake, the possibility of such incidents can’t be ruled out.

Now who says India has threat just from LeT and JeM? Won’t Taliban target India in the future?


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