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OLPC for rural education?

Posted in Education, Technology by Manish on April 29, 2009

After the disastrous marketing and FUD over Sakshat which was dubbed as India’s reply to OLPC’s initiative, the Indian govt has now softened its stand and moving to buy 2,50,000 OLPC laptops for the poor children to provide them with education. OLPC means “One Laptop Per Child”. Let’s give it a review

OLPC is an initiative by MIT,US to bring laptops to the poorest students even in 3rd world countries. One lot of these laptops has arrived in Maharashtra, India. Since then our government cited health reasons and tried to make its own Sakshat.

The work of the developers was very much perfect minus the bad press it got. It was assumed to be as capable as Notebooks. Oh comeon! $10 laptops having the capabilities of $500 notebooks. It was stupid! Anyone who thinks so should kick himself on his back. How can one expect Sakshat to run Flash and Java when the architecture itself is so minimum? It just needs to be able to download ebooks and open it for reading. Who needs to run Photoshop and play Counter Strike?

The deal of Indian govt and OLPC is a lifeline to the project which was facing so much of problems. The initial cost of a laptop was $100, which was later pushed to $175-$188 owning to many partners who left the project in the middle. The project has always been in controversy, since it had a deal with MS to which  many people expressed their strong reactions.

Let’s wait and watch! Fingers crossed!


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  1. OLPC for rural education? said, on April 29, 2009 at 5:41 PM

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