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Advani’s take on Elections

Posted in Politics by Manish on April 30, 2009

It’s election times and the third phase of election just completed. Advani too exercised his franchise and made two new comments which came under severe criticism from the opposition. One of them is that there should not be any mid-term elections and secondly Voting should be made compulsory which should be held in February.

Accept it or not, these recommendations are actually very realistic and call of the hour. Left as usual was in the fore front in bashing the recommendations. Let’s have a look what Advani said:

There should be a fixed tenure for all Assemblies and the Lok Sabha. If the government loses majority mid-term then any party that can muster majority should form the government. It won’t be a big issue even if there are two or three governments within the five-year term. Elections for Lok Sabha and state Assemblies should also take place together.

We taxpayers dont want our money down the drain. Remember just after Bihar Elections, the central government dissolved the assembly because it thought that horse- trading might take place. This led to billions of tax-payers money. All this happened because Lalu didn’t want a NDA government in his stronghold state. So much for democracy. The people who have no qualms in selling the democracy are now shouting that fixed tenure is undemocratic. Where were you when the UPA govt hastily dissolved the assembly just because Lalu was part of the UPA?

We should ask the election commission whether we can make voting compulsory in India

Correct! Don’t we see people shouting all the 5 years that govt doesnt do this for us, that for us? When it comes the time for voting , then think that standing in the voting queue would degrade their standard. They fear getting out of their AC rooms. If everyone comes out and votes, then the democracy can strengthen even more. Exercising the franchise is the best thing an individual can do for the democracy and stability.

Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections should be simultaneously

Why waste money by holding elections seperately when everything can be done in one go? Elections is a very costly game and the money comes right from the tax-payer’s pocket.

polling in February when the weather is much better

My father who was on election duty told us that he felt very sad seeing those paramilitary force personalls standing in sun right from 7AM to 4PM continously. It is very hot during April which even deterrs the people from coming out to vote. Maybe polling in February can make the turnout greater than what we can expect.


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