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The Great Indian Corruption

Posted in Corruption, Politics by Manish on May 4, 2009

S. Gurumurthy writes an article on ExpressBuzz – Shy Rao, shameless Singh

The Quattrocchi case is an embarrassment for the Government of India… The court says we do not have a strong case”. It is not Antonia Maino (aka Sonia) Gandhi defending her Italian friend. It is Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as if she had appointed him as the advocate to plead for Q. “It’s not a good reflection on the Indian legal system,” says the PM moved by compassion for Q, “that we harass people while the world says we have no case.” Singh, who was with the South Commission on a comfortable salary and perks when the Bofors scam rocked the country, seems totally unaware of the facts of the Bofors scam.

What else can we expect from this Government? Even if you want to promote corruption, please do it in hiding. Doing so much openly just spoils the spirits of the inspired people in our country.


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