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Posted in Politics, Review by Manish on May 8, 2009

Bored of searching news all over the net? So let me present it to you in more appropriate form, with a touch of sarcasm and spice.

  • Lalu is angry at media. Yes, the media who gives him immense publicity. Maybe this anger is also a fodder for the media. Politicians can do everything to be in limelight. I haven’t seen Lalu in news much of late. Probably he was eclipsed by Advani-Manmohan Singh’s war of words.
  • Delhites were more eager to vote for a (better) government and they recorded 50% turnout as compared to Mumbai which was close to 41%.  In another incident our very own beloved Chief Election commisioner found his name missing from the list. His name actually appeared in some other booth. If this is the case of CEC, imagine the plight of the aam aadmi (common man)
  • You must have gone really bored hearing less voting turnout and all related news. You can’t even imagine 55% these days. 60% is considered excellent. If I say Dakshin Kannada constituency of Karnataka managed to achieve a whooping 74.44% turnout in third phase? Brings smiles to your face? This is probably due to the fact that this district is highly advanced when it comes to education and literacy. Just dreaming to hear this turnout from rest of the country.

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