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Preachings from Mulayam Singh Yadav

Posted in Corruption, Politics, Review, WTF by Manish on May 8, 2009

Our politicians are actually more learned and educated than us. No buddy! No need to argue. It won’t help. Now since Mulayam Singh took a class of an election office in his own Saifi village, we can safely conclude that we are not at all qualified enough for such arguments.

It so happened that Mulayam Singh entered the poll booth with stretched chest for a noble intention of exercising his franchise. Since he is our much beloved (pun intended) politician, so central government has provided Z+ security so that our country is not deprived of such exceptional politicians, who can rule and give lessons on the move to whom-so-ever  they lay his hands upon.

The savior felt that he might have some security problems inside the pool-booth, so his security officers accompanied him inside only to be stopped by an election officer on duty. The official named Malay Amitash applied brakes on the ambitious plan on our savior to enter the decision room with fully fledged cover. According to rule a person can take only one security office no matter he is the almighty. This objection was a death blow to the popularity and acceptance of our famous leader.

Now what next? The offical got a warning:

Hume kanoon mat sikhao; hum chief minister rah chuke hain is pradesh ke (Don’t teach me the law. I have been chief minister of this state),”

The offical must have got his pants wet. Contrary to our expectations he proudly said that he is from Karnataka Cadre and here on election duty when being asked by SP supremo.

Now being hurt to the core, Mulayam Singh started hunting for more loopholes to project the polling official at fault. Here goes his WTFs.

  • Why are the ITBP (Indo-Tibetan Border Police) officials standing so close to the EVM machine?
  • Why are the ITBP officials standing so close to voters, particularly women?

No complaints SP supremo, you are our saviour. Yes! fire that official, not only he has been bad to you and also to the EVM and voters especially women.

Points to ponder upon!

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