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Rakhi Sawant: Bharatiya Nari

Posted in Entertainment by Manish on October 6, 2009

Go ahead and read this article on Rakhi Sawant on ToI
Look at her quotes and the expected response to them.

If Elesh touches me, I’ll respond

She doesn’t say she will oppose

So far, I knew how to dance, act, but had no clue what it takes to clean a child’s bum.

No women undertakes a crash-course on this. Everyone has to deal with it.

The only areas he could prove his worth were dishwashing and romance.

I think if he knows the latter, 90% of the requirements are fulfilled.

I’m so attached to the child that I’ve even refrained from giving interviews to the media when my kid was crying.

Obviously! Why is this explicit?

I had warned him at the very beginning that I’m an Indian girl and closeness before marriage is not acceptable in our culture.

Walking on this same path, skin-show is also not acceptable in our culture. Then why this double standard?

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