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Trouble for Madhur Bhandarkar

Posted in Court, Law and Order by Manish on September 20, 2011

Long back an actress Preeti Jain accused that Madhur had raped her 16 times between 1999 to 2004. There was a lot of hype and drama which died away soon. Yesterday the local court passed an order which paves the way clear for the trial.

The bigger question is – Does the concept of rape apply here? Unless she is a minor, does a consenting sex become a rape? Does promising someone into sex and then breaking your promise constitute rape?  As per Preeti’s own words “Madhur promised to cast her in movies in exchange of sexual favours”. I am not a lawyer, but does not fulfilling a promise against a sexual favour become a rape especially when she obliged to Madur’s demands?

Let’s wait for court’s decision. I am not painting Madhur in bad light he is innocent unless proven guilty. Maybe it’s high time that ladies and girls start reporting such sexual favour demands to police. The case won’t be very serious, but atleast it might act as a deterrent.


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