Fast Track India


This blog is about anything that remotely affects India, even though its concentrated more on politics. I have noticed that the new generation youngsters hardly pay any interest in politics and what is affecting our country. I intend to present such boring news with a pinch of sarcasm and spice.

I have some political beliefs:

  1. The educated lot of India should come out and vote. Making excuses of useless politicians is just shooting yourself in the foot.
  2. We need more educated and cleaner candidates which the aware voters can choose.
  3. Even though I do write against Congress or BJP, it doesn’t mean I am for/against them. My views are completely neutral and straight from the heart. Decision taking is to be done by the readers.

If you are even faintly a kinda celebrity, then be ready to find your acts of WTFness in this blog, provided I come to know about it. Maybe its a warning. Kidding 🙂


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